GRÜN is a partner of the Climate Neutral Aachen 2030 initiative

The GRÜN Software Group the has taken a significant step towards environmental protection and sustainable development and supports the vision “Climate-neutral Aachen 2030.” As a framework partner of the initiative, the GRÜN Software Group contribute to the implementation of the vision of a climate-neutral Aachen by 2030.

Green energy at the headquarters of GRÜN Software Group

The partnership with the “Climate Neutral Aachen 2030” initiative underlines this Commitment for sustainable corporate management and social responsibility. 152 solar modules are currently in use on the roof of the headquarters on Pascalstrasse in Aachen. In 2023, over 51.000 kWh of electricity could be produced, which corresponds to a CO2 saving of more than 36 tons. The electricity produced is used, for example, to operate the data center GRÜN App cloud and the vehicle fleet, which includes an extensive inventory of electric vehicles.

Climate-neutral Aachen 2030

The City Aachen has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming climate neutral by 2030. This means that by then the emission of greenhouse gases in Aachen will be reduced to a level that can be offset by natural or technological carbon sequestration. This goal is not only a contribution to global climate protection, but also a decisive step towards a livable and future-proof city for current and future generations.

As part of the initiative, the GRÜN Software Group in a voluntary commitment to support the goals of the Aachen Climate City Treaty. This contract forms a comprehensive plan for the local transformation towards a climate-neutral city and represents a first milestone in the EU mission "100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030“. With this signature the GRÜN Software Group into a group of over 100 local organizations that take joint responsibility for a healthy and CO2-neutral Aachen.

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