Change of leadership in publishing software GRÜN NTX

Founder Carola Fornoff is retiring. Matthias Meier appointed to the management as authorized signatory.

Endingen, February 21.12.2021th, XNUMX. After 35 years, Carola Fornoff, founder of the GRÜN NTX, the management Rainer Heckman. Matthias Meier, CTO, will join the management team as an authorized signatory with immediate effect. 35 years ago, the computer scientists Carola Fornoff and Klaus Heintzenberg founded the company Fornoff and Heintzenberg, which is now known as GRÜN NTX Ltd is named and with GRÜN NTX and GRÜN EDDY offers leading industry software for publishers.

At the end of 2020, the generation change was initiated - the Aacheners GRÜN Software Group took over the company shares and Klaus Heintzenberg retired. Carola Fornoff remained in the management, which was supplemented by Rainer Heckmann as CEO at the beginning of 2021. After a good and successful handover, Carola Fornoff is now also leaving the company. Matthias Meier, who has headed software development for over 20 years, has now been appointed to the management as an authorized signatory.

“Of course, after such a long time, I leave 'my' company with one crying and one laughing eye. On the one hand, I will miss the personal connection with our customers and my colleagues very much - on the other hand, I can now pursue private plans. And after the year of handover, I am sure that GRÜN NTX is ideally positioned for the future with my two colleagues in the management and the outstanding team, ”says Carola Fornoff.

“Building up a medium-sized software company and managing it as a leading provider of industry software for decades is a more than remarkable lifetime achievement. I would like to thank Carola Fornoff most sincerely for allowing me to take over a very successful and robust company. Together with Matthias Meier and the entire team of experts from GRÜN NTX, I look forward to being a strong partner for the publishing industry in the future as well. Together we will make the success of GRÜN Expand NTX further, ”says Rainer Heckmann.

“After many years of working together, I wish Carola Fornoff all the best for the new phase of her life. With the standard software developed under her leadership, we will continue to help publishers in the future to digitize all inventory management processes in order to map them cost-effectively, ”adds Matthias Meier.

Rainer Heckmann has been working in B20B software companies for over 2 years, during which time he helped to build up several software companies and established branches of European software providers in the USA.

Before joining NTX, Matthias Meier was at home in electrical engineering. For 22 years in the publishing industry and in the NTX team, he has been in charge of software development and supports the sales and project team. Process design, optimization and automation are some of his focal points.

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