Digitization and increased efficiency in wage and income tax Hilfe-Ring Deutschland eV GRÜN VEWA

The wage and income tax Hilfe-Ring Deutschland eV (tax ring), one of the leading wage tax assistance associations in Germany, has been relying on the software solutions for over two decades GRÜN VEWA and eVEWA to manage its members and consultants as well as for internal training. This software has not only evolved with the organization but also helped shape it significantly. Today it covers all core areas of efficient administration for 400.000 members and 1.100 advice centers.

He has been using it for over 20 years Wage and income tax help ring Germany eV can GRÜN VEWA software family for the member and consultant organization as well as internal training. The software has grown with the organization and today covers all essential areas of successful administration for 400.000 members and 1.100 advice centers in one of the largest income tax assistance associations in Germany.

decision for GRÜN VEWA

Over two decades ago, the Steuerring was faced with a major challenge: the need for a club-wide IT change. This change was necessary not only due to the growing number of members, but also to create a sustainable platform that supports both central administration and individual support from local advice centers.

The special structure of the control ring played a crucial role in the conception of the new software system: On the one hand, the numerous members have to be maintained electronically from the headquarters in Darmstadt. On the other hand, the consultants in the approximately 1.100 advice centers throughout Germany will also be managed and billed via the software, including seminar organization, communication and correspondence, which will be transparently reflected in the new software.

The initial idea of ​​developing our own software solution was rejected due to rapidly increasing costs. The control ring finally found the solution at the trade fair: “The key experience was the presentation of eVEWA at the trade fair stand GRÜN Software Group“, remembers Ingo Lang, head of IT for taxation in Darmstadt. “We were presented with a ready-made solution that enables the data to be made available to the field staff in the simplest possible way.”

Consultant and member billing via the member administration in VEWA

The focus of the digital transformation of the tax ring is optimized advisor and member billing through the introduction of member management software GRÜN VEWA. This technology allows the association to efficiently manage its extensive services while ensuring transparent, fair and automated billing for advisors and members.

Billing challenges

Before the introduction of VEWA, the tax ring faced significant billing challenges. The complexity of the services, from tax advice to the preparation of tax returns and legal disputes, required a flexible and efficient system. In addition, the needs and requirements of over 1.100 consultants and 400.000 members varied greatly, which complicated individual yet efficient administration.

Solution approach through member administration GRÜN VEWA

The implementation of GRÜN VEWA brought a comprehensive solution to these challenges. The software was developed specifically for the needs of clubs and associations and offered ideal conditions for the complex management of member data and the implementation of consultant and member billing.

  • Automated billing: VEWA enables automated billing of consultant advance fees and member contributions. By integrating a specially developed billing module, the monthly and annual billing processes are significantly simplified and accelerated.
  • Flexible membership system: The software supports granular management of member data, including collecting and updating personal information, joining and canceling processes, and managing contributions and benefits.
  • Transparent communication: All data and information relevant to billing is recorded transparently in VEWA and is accessible to authorized consultants and employees. Communication between members, advisors and head office takes place online via the platform, improving the flow of information and reducing misunderstandings.
  • Adaptability: VEWA is characterized by a high level of flexibility, which makes it possible to adapt the software to the specific requirements of the control ring. New functions and modules can be integrated in order to be able to react to changes in the processes or the environment.

Comprehensive online seminars

With the introduction of GRÜN VEWA Software implemented a comprehensive online seminar system that has revolutionized the planning, implementation and management of educational offerings. This chapter highlights how VEWA has made the control ring's seminar organization more efficient, accessible and flexible.

Challenges in seminars

Before introducing VEWA, the Steuerring was faced with various seminar challenges, including the complex management of seminar registrations, the coordination of event locations and dates, and the provision of teaching materials. In addition, the growing number of members and the geographical distribution of the advice centers required a flexible solution to make educational offerings widely accessible.

VEWA as a solution for online seminars

The introduction of GRÜN VEWA offered a comprehensive solution to these challenges. Through the digitalization of the seminar system, numerous processes have been automated and simplified:

  • Online registration system: Members can easily register for seminars through a user-friendly interface. The system automates the collection of participant data and simplifies seminar organization.
  • Management of seminar content: VEWA enables central management of seminar content, including teaching materials and schedules. This makes it easier to update information and provide materials to participants and instructors.
  • Participant management: The system offers extensive functions for participant management, from registration to follow-up. Automated reminders and feedback surveys improve the participant experience and collect valuable insights for further development of the seminar offering.
  • Statistics and reports: VEWA generates detailed statistics and reports that enable effective analysis of seminar participation and participant satisfaction. This data supports the continuous improvement of the educational offering.

Intelligent interfaces to VEWA

The integration of GRÜN VEWA, especially with the ELSTER interface, has significantly improved the efficiency and quality of the control ring's services. Before VEWA, exchanging critical data, such as tax information and billing fees and contributions, was a major challenge. VEWA solved this efficiently and error-free through intelligent interfaces that enable a secure and seamless data flow between the control ring and external systems.

  • ELSTER interface: One of the key innovations is the integration of an interface to the ELSTER system of the financial administration. This enables direct and secure transmission of tax data, which significantly simplifies and speeds up the tax return process for members.
  • Automation of data processing: By using interfaces to specialized tax software, such as “steuersoft” or “Fiskus”, the tax ring can automatically calculate and process the consultant fees and membership fees resulting from the tax returns.
  • Integration with partner services: The intelligent interfaces also allow collaboration with partner organizations, funding and interest societies as well as credit reporting services. This allows the control ring to exchange relevant data efficiently and offer its members additional services.

Applicant management with GRÜN VEWA

The Steuerring has improved its applicant management by introducing GRÜN VEWA has been significantly improved by digitalizing the entire recruitment process. Before VEWA, applicant management and selection required a lot of time and resources. VEWA now enables online submission of applications and efficient management of applicant profiles, which significantly simplifies the process. Automated workflows also optimize application processing and communication.

Digitization of document processes

With GRÜN VEWA, the tax ring has successfully digitized its document processes, resulting in a significant reduction in paper consumption and increased efficiency. The introduction of electronic signatures and cloud storage is revolutionizing the way documents are handled by providing a flexible and environmentally friendly alternative to paper documents. This innovation allows members and advisors to edit documents anytime, anywhere, significantly reducing processing time and increasing satisfaction. Digital archiving also improves data management and security. The digitalization of document processes therefore makes an important contribution to modernizing the administrative work of the tax ring and promotes environmental protection.

The digitalization of communication with members has played a central role in the strategic realignment of member interaction at the Wage and Income Tax Hilfe-Ring Deutschland eV (tax ring). Through the use of GRÜN VEWA, the association was able to take a significant step towards more efficient, direct and targeted communication with its members. This development enables the tax ring to transmit member information promptly and securely, which significantly strengthens the transparency and trust between the association and its members.

An essential part of this digital communication strategy is the use of email newsletters, personalized notifications and a member portal. These tools enable members to be continuously and topic-specific informed about current developments, changes in tax law and upcoming events. The member portal also makes it easier to access personal documents, the status of the tax return and enables direct interaction with advisors.

The switch to digital communication channels has not only led to an acceleration and simplification of the exchange of information, but also significantly reduced the administrative effort and the associated costs for the association. In addition, this initiative supports ecological ideas by reducing the use of paper.

Through the digitalization of communication processes GRÜN VEWA, the tax ring has established a modern, flexible and environmentally conscious solution that meets the needs of its members and at the same time increases internal efficiency. This development marks an important step in the digital transformation of the tax ring and contributes significantly to increasing member satisfaction and loyalty.

Development of an app

Those from the tax ring in cooperation with giftGRÜN developed app digitizes and personalizes member services, provides direct access to tax data and simplifies communication. Users can manage their data, book appointments and access tax tips. Security measures protect sensitive information. The app, part of the association's digitalization strategy, improves service quality and member retention. It marks a milestone in the digital transformation of the control ring and shows its focus on modern, user-friendly technologies.

“The customization options have allowed us to create a variety of extensions and optimize our processes over time.”

— Ingo Lang, Head of IT at the Steuerring in Darmstadt

Ingo Lang, Head of IT at the Steuerring in Darmstadt
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