Digital transformation in time recording with GRÜN ZICOM

Premiere at CeBIT 2015: GRÜN ZICOM5 app for automated, location-based time recording via geofencing function. No need to manually book working hours.

Aachen, October 16.03.2015nd, XNUMX. The new GRÜN ZICOM app as part of the Software solutions for time management of the GRÜN Software AG enables the recording of working times using the localization functions of today's smartphones. One or more locations of a company are defined as the workplace of an employee via GPS coordinates. When employees arrive at the company, the app automatically records their coming and going times. Thanks to the digital transformation of the whereabouts of all employees, manual booking of working times is becoming obsolete.

Time recording with geofencing function

The radius of the specified locations can easily be changed. A change is possible: A reduced radius allows you to log out to visit the restaurant next door during your lunch break, an enlarged radius makes it possible to prevent you from logging out when moving around the factory premises. Of course, the function can also be deactivated, for example for data protection reasons.

The app also provides statistics on working hours. The automatically logged in and out times can be checked on the smartphone. In addition, daily and monthly values ​​for target and actual working times are taken from the central time management system GRÜN ZICOM transmitted and made visible so that employees can view the account while on the move.

Record working times anytime, anywhere

The smartphone saves in the native GRÜN ZICOM App all recorded working times, a permanent connection to the Internet is therefore not required. Employees and colleagues who work abroad or in places with no cell phone reception can still record their working hours easily and conveniently digitally. The app transfers the data as soon as the smartphone is online. Of course, the times can still be recorded manually without the geofencing function.

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