Digital transformation on the CaritasCampus GRÜN

Caritas in the Archdiocese of Cologne, a leading provider of social services in Germany, is committed to the digital transformation of its educational offerings. This is where it comes from GRÜN VEWA software family is used as central seminar management. Interfaces to the LMS Moodle and financial accounting Diamant. High level of automation.

The Caritas in the Archdiocese of Cologne As part of the largest private employer in Germany, represents a network of local, local organizations that provide a wide range of social services. The umbrella organization offers under the brand Caritas Campus extensive training programs aimed at employees in social professions, including daycare centers, youth welfare services, assistance for the elderly and assistance for the disabled. With over 1.000 events per year and a number of participants well into the five-digit range, Caritas faces the challenge of providing efficient and flexible educational work.

GRÜN VEWA software family as central seminar management

The seminar management GRÜN VEWA is the central solution for the efficient administration and organization of all Caritas educational offerings in the Archdiocese of Cologne. “The decision in favor of VEWA was a decisive step forward, not only in terms of the administration and organization of our seminars, but also in terms of increasing the efficiency and automation of our processes,” says Markus Linden-Lützenkirchen, head of the advanced training department at Diocesan Caritas Association for the Archdiocese of Cologne eV.

seminar management GRÜN VEWA

GRÜN VEWA serves as a central platform for managing all seminar data. This includes information on seminar offerings, event locations, participant management and lecturer management. With VEWA, Caritas creates all seminars, processes registrations, communicates with participants and creates invoices. The seminar management makes it possible to organize the extensive data efficiently and to have up-to-date access to the necessary information at all times. This allows Caritas to have personalized communication with participants and lecturers, which significantly simplifies administration.

Bookings on the Internet via the online seminar management GRÜN eVEWA

All seminars that are created in VEWA are published in Caritas Campus published. Here comes it Online seminar management GRÜN eVEWA for use. This allows participants to register for courses at any time and from anywhere. The online industry software also supports the automation of registration processes and digital communication with participants, for example by automatically sending confirmation emails and further information about the seminars. The digital handling of the registration processes significantly reduces the administrative effort and improves the user experience for participants.

Design educational work in a modern and efficient manner

The use of the software family GRÜN VEWA allows Caritas in the Archdiocese of Cologne to design its educational work in a modern and efficient manner. The digital tools support targeted planning and implementation of educational offerings, facilitate administrative processes and improve accessibility and flexibility for everyone involved.

Integration of Moodle as a learning management system

Moodle is a leading open source learning platform used by schools, universities and other educational institutions worldwide to create digital learning environments. It enables teachers to create and manage courses, deliver learning content digitally and interact with learners.

Interface from Moodle to VEWA

Caritas in the Archdiocese of Cologne has implemented the innovative solution to connect Moodle directly with the seminar administration VEWA. The registrations for online seminars received in VEWA are forwarded directly to Moodle so that participants can access the course in Moodle without a long delay. The interface simplifies the administration process significantly by eliminating the need for manual input from users.

Use of process automation from VEWA

Process automation plays a central role in connecting VEWA to Moodle. Through automated processes, participants are enrolled in the appropriate Moodle courses immediately after registering in VEWA without any additional manual effort. This automation ensures smooth, efficient organization and implementation of online seminars. In addition, communication between the platforms is optimized, which saves time and minimizes sources of errors.

Caritas in the Archdiocese of Cologne also uses process automation to track the learning progress of participants and transfer learning results from Moodle back to VEWA. This enables a comprehensive overview of the success of the educational offerings and the individual progress of the learners. “We try to put everything into process automation. Whatever is possible to work faster, more efficiently and with significantly less error, Linden-Lützenkirchen recognizes the benefits of process automation in VEWA.

Interface to financial accounting in Diamant

Another highlight of the digitalization strategy is the development of an interface to the Diamant financial accounting software. The interface between VEWA and Diamant enables easy transfer of financially relevant data from seminar administration to accounting. This connection is particularly valuable because it significantly reduces manual effort and improves the accuracy of financial data. When participants are registered for seminars and invoices are created in VEWA, the interface transmits this information to Diamant. The data is further processed there, for example for the creation of booking documents, the management of open items and dunning. “The seamless integration with Diamant effectively supports our financial management and enables us to process our financial data precisely and promptly,” says Markus Linden-Lützenkirchen. The interface from VEWA to Diamant enables automatic assignment of debtor and revenue accounts and includes various data checks for error-free handover and thus collaboration between the various departments within the organization.

High degree of automation thanks to VEWA

The introduction of VEWA not only led to digitalization in seminar management, but also enabled a high degree of automation in administrative processes. From the digitalization of registration and booking processes to the integration of online learning platforms to the link with financial accounting - VEWA has enabled Caritas to use its resources more efficiently and to concentrate even more closely on its core tasks, continuing on its growth path remain and develop new agile educational formats.

"Our collaboration is characterized by a spirit of partnership in which ideas and suggestions always find room for dialogue. This understanding cooperation is a valuable aspect of our success story."

— Markus Linden-Lützenkirchen, head of the continuing education and training department at the Diocesan Caritas Association for the Archdiocese of Cologne eV

Markus Linden-Lützenkirchen (Diocesan Caritas Association for the Archdiocese of Cologne eV)
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