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Outsourcing for companies

In the area of ​​outsourcing for companies, our service includes the complete or partial takeover of back office activities. You take care of personnel development and motivation of your employees, while we take on services in the area of ​​payroll and accounting.

Our offer for companies

The following services are included in the exemplary scope of our basic outsourcing service for companies:

accounting and controlling

Corporate accounting forms the basis for planning, managing and controlling a company. The legal framework places high demands on the design of the accounting system. We take over all internal services in accounting and controlling:

  • Financial accounting / accounting with takeover of bookkeeping (posting of current business transactions)
  • Financial controlling with monthly and quarterly evaluations for the corporate management of our customers, business and liquidity-related

Payroll accounting

We support you in organizing human resources so that you can concentrate on developing your staff:

  • Tax processing, payroll
  • Health insurance, social security processing
  • Registration / authorities

Digitization service

We can digitize documents - from incoming invoices to newspaper archives - with our high-performance scanners and ensure an intelligent link back to your internal processes:

  • Virtual inbox with scanning of incoming mail, OCR recognition and provision for downloading via the Internet
  • Incoming invoice processing with OCR, indexing, validation and classification for further processing, e.g. in your ERP system

further services

  • Travel management with framework agreements, processing, process optimization, guidelines and controlling
  • Purchasing management with tenders, price negotiations, framework agreements, orders and invoice control

Customers who trust us

Below we provide you with references that trust in our services in business outsourcing NPO. The references below are only an excerpt.

foodwatch Germany
Kephas Foundation non-profit GmbH
Welthungerhilfe eV
Association of German Librarians

World Animal Protection Society
Association of Taxpayers North Rhine-Westphalia e. V.
German Radiological Society eV
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