Tips and tricks for GRÜN IMB

Find your donor via the configurable quick search? Make use of the findings from the extended follow-up donation statistics for campaign control? Have you already Contact templates for the most common business transactions created?

Often it is the little innovations that can simplify everyday work, but at the same time are not noticed directly. We would be happy to show you how you can use them individually or in a video session.

For example, there is the new quick search, which is inconspicuous in the header of the GRÜN IMB was integrated. This quick search has it all, because it is a free text search over various fields and areas of the GRÜN IN THE B. For example, if you enter the first three characters of a name, you will immediately receive the first 20 hits from your donors and with each additional character the result set becomes smaller and more precise. With one click on the entry in the list of results you will be taken directly to the donor record.

Use several pieces of information, which you simply enter separated by commas, in order to bring the dispenser that you currently have on the phone to your screen quickly and with just a few clicks. Data from contact entries, contracts or services can also be integrated into the search. Configured individually for you and your data mapping. The new search is also very helpful when using the corporate fundraising module, as it is easy and central to search across all representations of the donor, both as a private person and as an employee, e.g. one of your large corporate donors. You can already see this in the list of results, you can then see the details with one click in the donor record.

Newsletters and e-mails sometimes get lost in day-to-day business, so we will show you the new features of GRÜN IMB gladly in a personal appointment. Take with pleasure without obligation Contact to us.

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