Emergency support hotline for acute VEWA problems

Aachen, October 02.05.2018nd, XNUMX.The support department of GRÜN Software AG assists clients in solving questions and problems on all GRÜN-Software solutions and provides a support hotline for this. A team of around 10 employees answers customer inquiries on weekdays between 8.30 a.m. and 17.00 p.m.

Support is available by phone on the usual number 0241 18900 or by email at support@gruen.net reachable. For acute problems in GRÜN VEWAthat prevents working with the software, for example, customers are immediately called back by a tried and tested priority control.

As an optional extended addition, we are now offering a Hotline for emergencies on. If customers call the chargeable hotline 09001 115151, all free telephones of our VEWA support staff will ring at the same time. This emergency support hotline is available to all VEWA customers, regardless of whether they have a software maintenance contract with GRÜN Software AG. This support hotline costs 1,99 euros per minute and enables optional immediate help by telephone without waiting.

Within the Service offensive plans the GRÜN Software AG to expand this emergency support hotline. In addition to VEWA support, we also want other software solutions, such as our time management solution GRÜN ZICOM, Emergency hotlines are set up.

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