Sports sponsorship of GRÜN Sailing teams

The GRÜN Software Group will also be in 2022 GRÜN Sailing team support as main sponsor. So that works GRÜN Sailing Team in the coming year already in the eleventh season.

Sailing season 2021

The 2021 sailing season was entirely under the Covid-19 star. Just as 2020 ended, unfortunately the new season 2021 began: The ship of the GRÜN Sailing Teams is in the hall north of Berlin and there was a hail of event cancellations.

Unfortunately, the homeland club also had to GRÜN Sailing teams that Berlin yacht club, cancel the first regatta of the year for the J / 70. In Berlin, as in the rest of Germany, it was not possible to organize regattas. Since no training in the team was allowed either, the ship remained in the hall.

July 2021 Lake Garda | Malcesine

After a good 10 months of abstinence from sailing, that was it GRÜN Sailing teams finally back with the J / 70 On the way. Goal: The Italian series on Lake Garda. That was for Act III GRÜN Sailing team at Fraglia Vela Malcesine. 56 ships were on the list - the largest field since the last event in October 2020. A total of eight races were scheduled to complete the GRÜN Sailing team made it easily thanks to the functioning thermals. In the end, the team took a good 10th place in the Corinthian ranking (amateurs). "It was a great event, in one of the best areas with the strongest teams that are currently on the J / 70 in Europe - we are looking forward to seeing you again in Punta Ala for the Italian championship," said Stephan Mölle, happy to finally be back to be allowed to be on the water.

International Swiss J / 70 Championship 2021

The Regatta Club Lake Maggiore hosted the Swiss championship at the das GRÜN Sailing team took part in mid-September. For the GRÜN Sailing Team this regatta was a premiere in this area and as usual on the mountain lakes, the team had to deal with thermal winds. Here it was the Tramontana in the morning and the Inverna in the afternoon. The International Swiss J / 70 Championship 2021 ended in 8th place. A great event that the team would like to take part in in the future as well.

Italian championship

In October 2021, the Italian championship in Punta Ala was on the agenda. Here took that GRÜN Sailing Team 2009 with the Platu 25 at the world championship. This year the sailing started with a new ship. There were almost 40 ships at the start, among them that GRÜN Sailing Team took 11th place in the Corinthian ranking. A very nice sailing event on the Gulf of Follonica with the best sailing conditions and very pleasant temperatures.

Monaco sport boat winter series

The winter series began on November 4, 2020 at Yacht Club de Monaco with the first of 4 acts. There were almost 40 ships on the start list, a very international fleet with teams from the USA, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Russia, France, Finland, Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the host Monegasque awaited the GRÜN Sailing team at the start line. This was proven after exciting and challenging regattas GRÜN Sailing Team placed 5th in the Corinthian ranking and placed 23rd in the overall ranking.

We congratulate that GRÜN Sailing Team to the great results and look forward to a continuation of the sponsorship in the coming year 2022.

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