Process automation for NGOs

Standard processes that are carried out again and again can be used in GRÜN VEWA7 can be carried out automatically via process automation. Donation organizations can use Process Automation for example Donation bookings automated post-processing.

In the donation booking workflow, all Automated processing of donation bookings. First, the amount of the donation is checked and, depending on the amount, a communication entry is made either for the donation department or for the large donation supervisor for information.

Then, depending on the amount of the donation, different thank you letters are created, archived and passed on to the communication switch workflow. If the donation amount is less than 100,00 euros, a check is carried out after 4 weeks to determine whether further donations have been received from the donors. If not, the donor's data will be transferred to a marketing workflow and written to again by email.

At the same time, after the donation has been received, the post-processing specifications are checked to determine whether this donation should be acknowledged with an individual donation confirmation. In the case of a direct debit donation, the system waits 14 days instead of 7 days before the donation receipt is printed out, archived and transferred to the communication switch workflow, taking the lower and upper limits into account.

In the current project, we have assumed that the standard workflow for donation bookings will be used. We would be happy to discuss the details and any individualities as part of the workshop.

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