VEWA seminar management: processing

Event accounting

The measured values can be transferred to a PC via the seminar management from GRÜN VEWA7 seminars can be billed easily and conveniently.

Takes from the participation table GRÜN VEWA7 provides the information required for billing and uses a debit position run to generate corresponding open items in the sense of receivables from the debtor in GRÜN VEWA7 system.

Billing takes place in a multi-step process. First of all, a debit position for the attendance fees incurred for an event is carried out using the "Debit position in OP spool" function. After calling up the 'Debit position in OP spool' function, a workflow queries the event to be taken into account and also enables the setting that the outgoing invoices are automatically in the CRM communications module in GRÜN VEWA can be filed.

After confirming the entry, this asks GRÜN VEWA7-System from the name of the spool, which generates the debit position. The background to this is the basic functionality of the GRÜN VEWA7 accounting system first of all carry out all debit positions in an intermediate table (to 'spool' them) in order to then carry out a control of the bills (or collections) from this intermediate layer and only carry out the 'real' billing after all figures have been correctly displayed.

On the basis of the spooled debit positions, a preview of the invoices and credits can then be made and a log of the total set fees and specifically a log from the voucher spool (e.g. the fees that are collected by direct debit) can be output. After all invoices have been checked, the accounting is completed by calling up "Complete accounting". The results are debit positions in the debit sub-ledger and corresponding invoices to the debtor.

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