VEWA seminar management: planning

Event and appointment planning

About the event and appointment planning in the seminar management from GRÜN VEWA7 you can plan your events particularly comfortably. The planning of the events can be carried out as graphical occupancy planning simply and conveniently by drag & drop on different levels as room, lecturer and resource planning. Or you can plan your appointments easily and, above all, quickly - all relevant information is recorded in just one step and the desired appointments are created with a click of the mouse. Finally, feedback results from the participants on the event can also be recorded.

A graphical GANTT display can be used in GRÜN VEWA7 shows existing events in daily, weekly, monthly and annual views and new events are planned.

The interface is designed in such a way that a user can easily change the planned events using drag and drop. The assignment of lecturers, resources and rooms is also completely intuitive using drag and drop.

Conflicts are immediately made known to the user by displaying them in color (two-stage, e.g. yellow and red) in the graphical user interface. Various functions in the graphical user interface provide a new sense of use - for example, when quickly finding suitable lecturers, rooms and resources or when creating new events directly from the occupancy planning. A flexible selection of working times, different time grids and a connection to external calendars from MS Outlook complete the functionality in this area.

The graphic occupancy planning in GRÜN VEWA7 can be switched to a calendar interface known from Office products at the push of a button. An easy-to-use date picker function enables quick navigation within the calendar.

Individual days or entire calendar weeks can be jumped to with the mouse. In addition, changes to the event dates can be made directly from the calendar and new events can be recorded directly in the calendar.

In GRÜN VEWA7, lecturers can be recorded and managed with all important information such as education, skills, etc. Corresponding mask views are available especially for the administration of lecturers, through which, for example, all lecturer assignments in the future can be read. The lecturer assignments that have taken place in the past are also documented here. Lecturers are also available as a resource in the planning via the occupancy planning described above and the calendar function.

Event locations can also be managed with local contacts and the available rooms. For the room, for example, the capacities or any other information must be stored, which can then also be used in the planning.

Any further resources can also be defined. This includes, for example, presentation technology such as laptops, projectors, screens and flipcharts or seminar documents, room furnishings and any other resources. These are also in the planning area of GRÜN VEWA7 (GANTT and calendar views) are available.

The event planning can be linked to the CRM in GRÜN VEWA7 take place.

To support the planning of even complex events, such as meetings or congresses, planning steps can be defined and automatically assigned to the responsible employees in your company during planning. These are stored in the CRM communications system and made available to the respective employees as ToDos in your dashboard before or after the event. Examples of this are the booking and approval of hotel allotments, catering, lecturer contracts or the sending of e-mails with a request for feedback on an event - also online when using our GRÜN eVEWA internet solution.

All events that are planned in the VEWA back office can easily be released for display in an online event catalog.

The event catalog offers GRÜN through the internet system GRÜN eVEWA4 at. In addition, interfaces to other CMS such as TYPO3 or WordPress are possible using the REST API. We are also happy to offer you a partial or complete redesign of your website via our digital agency giftGRÜN at. No matter which version of the online connection you choose - we are the professionals for digitization in the education sector!

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