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Statistics & evaluations of theseminar management

With GRÜN VEWA7 you have your events under control - we provide you with this in our seminar management several powerful analysis tools are available.

Would you like to be able to answer practically every conceivable question immediately? Would you like to know which events are not yet fully booked in the near future? Which event or which lecturer is rated particularly well? The Business Intelligence (BIM) add-on module will answer these and other questions. Ad hoc - with a click of the mouse. Permanently stored event statistics are also available. The onsite data manager (ODM) allows you to store data in GRÜN Compile and output VEWA7 as desired. The fields displayed and their arrangement on the screen can be easily determined with the mouse.

Especially when it comes to evaluations and statistics, the unbelievable potential becomes ours GRÜN VEWA7 software clearly. With VEWA you get the information relevant to you quickly and easily. For this purpose, extensive statistics are integrated in the event management.

Depending on the type of statistics, different functions and tools are available for this. Classic reports using the print manager can be used, for example, to add up event statistics or output them in detail, including a cost / income comparison.

The onsite data manager (ODM) also enables evaluations in list form, in which the content can be dynamically sorted, grouped or filtered. With our Business Intelligence Module (BIM) and the integrated graphical dashboard, professional statistical tools are available. In principle, due to the openness of the system, the integrated VEWA manager can also be used by the customer to create such analyzes independently.

With the additional module Business Intelligence (BIM), the GRÜN VEWA7 provides innovative, dynamic ad'hoc analyzes of the entire event area.

These can be set up across all areas of event management from marketing to controlling in the area of ​​event accounting.

Especially for the evaluation and assessment of events with different focal points (areas such as event, lecturer and venue) and the possibility of freely defining questionnaires and questions is available to expand the GRÜN VEWA7-Systems provides a setup module. This provides the basis for recording and evaluating questionnaires (when using GRÜN eVEWA4 also online) and is usually set up in our projects to meet the needs of your company.

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