Joining the membership via Process Automation in GRÜN Automate VEWA7

Process automation for clubs

Standard processes that are carried out again and again can be used in GRÜN VEWA7 can be carried out automatically via process automation. Clubs and associations can use process automation to manage the process for Joining a new member map automatically in VEWA.

Workflow for membership membership via Process Automation for clubs

Processes for accepting new members. This workflow begins with a careful review of data quality. All incoming information is checked for accuracy and completeness. If necessary, new data is created or existing data is corrected to ensure high accuracy and reliability of the member database.

Existing processes can be viewed and edited using the Process Automation Manager.

Automatic creation of the welcome letter in process automation for clubs

After the data check, the welcome letter is automatically created, which is an important part of member loyalty. This cover letter is not only archived in the club or organization's communication system, but also transmitted to the member in various ways. If an email address for the new member is available, the welcome letter will be sent electronically, which is a quick and environmentally friendly method. If there is no email address, the letter will be sent via a stored printer in order to deliver the cover letter by post.

Standard workflows for joining a member

Another essential part of the workflow is the debit position, which occurs automatically 14 days after becoming a member. The contribution invoice is not only archived, but also sent to the member via the communication gateway. This ensures that the financial aspects of membership are handled transparently and efficiently.

As part of our current project, we have planned to implement this standard workflow for membership membership. This approach is intended to increase process efficiency while ensuring high member satisfaction. We are convinced that automating member onboarding represents significant added value for the organization. In the upcoming workshop we would like to discuss the details of this workflow and address individual needs and special features in order to develop an optimal solution for your specific requirements.

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