VEWA member administration: committees

Committee & officer management

The administration of functions, boards and committees takes place in the Membership management from GRÜN VEWA modular via CRM relationship management. The solution includes processes from Member organizations right up to sending the invitation to the next committee meeting.

Boards, committees & working groups in member administration

The board management of GRÜN VEWA7 includes the administration of any committees and working groups as well as the assignment of committees to persons in the main address base.

Committee management also offers the option of freely defining the role of a person within a committee. The chairmanship of a committee, the role of a deputy chairman or an assessor can be freely assigned here. Furthermore, such committee membership can also take place at different levels - e.g. at federal, state or district level, etc.

All information on boards and committees can be freely selected in VEWA.

At the push of a button, a list of all current members of a committee is available, for example to invite them to the next meeting.

Managing functionaries in relationship management VEWA

Officials can work in relationship management from GRÜN VEWA7 can be managed with extensive information about their function.

The function holder administration enables freely configurable selections, for example to be able to write to all function holders of a committee or to all function holders of a special type (e.g. all chairmen).

The functions are also stored in VEWA in the sense of a vita with the functionary, so that historical data can also be accessed, for example to send an invitation to all board members from the last ten years.

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