Event and appointment planning in GRÜN eVEWA4

Event and appointment planning in VEWA

The Event and appointment planning in GRÜN eVEWA4 manage your seminars easily and conveniently using a graphical calendar display. Lecturers and other equipment can also be assigned to the seminars via eVEWA.

A graphical calendar display can be used in GRÜN eVEWA4 shows existing events in daily, weekly and monthly views and new events can be planned. The new creation workflow for events opens in eVEWA by simply clicking on an appointment.

The interface is designed in such a way that a user can easily change the planned events using drag and drop. The assignment of lecturers and rooms is also completely intuitive using drag and drop. Conflicts are made immediately clear to the user through the surface design.

Events can be in GRÜN eVEWA4 can be presented in an event calendar. Depending on the authorization concept, access for lecturers and speakers to their own events in a calendar in the community can also be given in addition to administration.

In this way, even more complex planning workflows can be comfortably supported, which can start planning from an (external or internal) lecturer or speaker by releasing his appointments in the calendar view. Of course, this is only one example for the mapping of processes or workflows in eVEWA, which can be set up as required due to the flexibility of the system.

In GRÜN eVEWA4, lecturers can be recorded and managed with all important information such as education, skills, etc. A corresponding cockpit is available especially for the administration of lecturers and speakers, via which the master data and qualifications of your lecturers and speakers can be managed, but also all assignments of the respective speaker can be viewed very easily in a portlet. Lecturers are also available as a resource in planning using the graphical calendar / occupancy function described above.

Event locations with on-site contacts and the available rooms can also be managed in a corresponding cockpit "Event locations". In the case of the room, for example, the capacities or any other information must be stored, which can then also be used in the planning.

All events that are planned in the eVEWA4 administration client (back office) can very easily be released for display in an online event catalog.

The event catalog offers GRÜN and GRÜN eVEWA4 completely integrative with. In addition, interfaces to other CMS such as TYPO3 or WordPress are possible using the REST API. We are also happy to offer you a partial or complete redesign of your website via our Digital agency giftGRÜN at. No matter which version of the online connection you choose - we are the professionals for digitization in the education sector!

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