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Online Communityfor seminar participants

GRÜN eVEWA4 already offers in the standard of Online seminar management a community area in which your customers, participants or speakers can log in via a link on your website in order to change their data there independently (so-called "self-service").

Depending on the requirements of your organization or the authorization of the community users, a change notification can be sent to your office using a form, for example to provide new address or contact details.

Participants receive in the community of GRÜN eVEWA4 also provides information on your participations - past and upcoming - and documents are available for download. These documents were usually created beforehand from our administration system, so, for example, participants can have their registration confirmations, event invoices, participation confirmations or certificates as well as any other printouts made available digitally as a download.

In GRÜN eVEWA4 includes an event registration form that can be easily integrated into your existing website. Participants can use this to register for the events directly on your company's website. A matching event catalog for the publication of event data directly from eVEWA on the Internet is also part of our integrated overall system!

You will see a new login from the Internet immediately on your dashboard in the eVEWA web client, and you can call it up and check it with a click of the mouse. EVEWA automatically creates the new participant for you via a release workflow - manual data entry is a thing of the past!

And if the participant has already registered in the eVEWA participant community, he does not have to enter all his contact information again and is also automatically recognized by the system during further processing!

We would also like to be your partner for digitizing your event offer! Just get in touch with us!

The eVEWA functions in the area of ​​the participant and speaker community and the forms are directly linked to the administration's data management. This means that there is no need to create interfaces or even separate data storage.

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