GRÜN eVEWA4: Membership Management & CRM

Member management & CRM

Specially for Member organizations offers GRÜN eVEWA4 extensive CRM functionalitieswhich in its entirety is an extensive Online membership management enable. In summary, our system enables the comfortable recording, management and display of all communication processes relating to the member in the sense of a 360-degree all-round view with cockpit and dashboard views as well as the ability to navigate into the depth of the member management at all points. The basic idea of ​​our CRM is to get an overview of the total membership base at a glance. This is provided in GRÜN eVEWA4 has a graphical dashboard available.

Part of the CRM area in GRÜN eVEWA4 is also the communication system, through which, among other things, a complete member file is accessible in eVEWA.

This means that outgoing documents can be automatically stored so that such a member file grows automatically over time and, if necessary, makes all documents available at a central point.

This membership file does not only contain documents - the CRM communication system in GRÜN eVEWA4 records all communication processes, also documents, for example, consultations or simply queries from a member, which were answered by the member service, for example by email or telephone.

The relationship management of GRÜN eVEWA4 enables a freely definable link between two contacts (address data records in the central table main address master).

It is completely irrelevant whether this involves two people (families, spouses), two companies (corporate or group structures) or people and companies (classic contact person or employee relationship or any function within a company or an organization). These relationships in eVEWA can form distributors and can be easily selected as such.

Classic communication processes from member organizations, such as greeting and sending confirmations in the event of termination, are handled by GRÜN eVEWA4 supports.

In the online member management of GRÜN eVEWA4 sends documents via email with attachments or traditionally by post. Depending on the recipient's wishes, automatically via the preferred communication channel. In many places in the system, automated dispatches are offered, for example the greeting of a new member by means of a welcome letter.

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