Commercial functions in GRÜN eVEWA4

Commercial processes inthe online member management

The commercial functions in GRÜN eVEWA4 you can easily and conveniently set up your membership fee schedule member organization be mapped. Of course you can Online membership management then any number of membership fees defined in the fee regulations can be assigned to a member.

In GRÜN eVEWA4 can map your organization's contribution system.

Regardless of whether you want to manage personal members or corporate memberships - we already offer extensive options for defining contributions based on the standard model.

The possibilities range from the simple deposit of any high subsidy contributions, differently high basic contributions (e.g. for family members) with any number of additional sector contributions or membership contributions related to age.

Any number of membership fees defined in the fee regulations can be saved in GRÜN eVEWA4 can be assigned to a member. A convenient workflow is available for this purpose, which, if required, enables a new member to be created, including the creation of a welcome letter.

The contribution assessment and the subsequent preparation of the contribution invoices are based on the contribution allocation.

Contribution bills can be made from GRÜN eVEWA4 can be generated automatically, both as an annual invoice run once a year and for individual members when they join. Furthermore, eVEWA supports a three-stage dunning system with dunning preparation lists, etc.

Incoming contribution payments can be made via the in GRÜN eVEWA4 integrated payment transactions can be recorded. There is also the option of SEPA direct debit for membership fees.

In the standard model of GRÜN eVEWA4 already includes a financial accounting interface to DATEV accounting.

In addition, other financial accounting can also be set up due to the flexibility of the eVEWA interface.

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