Soft relaunch of the "Green Dot" website by digital agency giftGRÜN

“The Green Dot” is one of the most internationally known trademarks and can be found on many packaging. In 1990, the Green Dot was set up as the world's first dual system for high-quality recycling of sales packaging close to the end consumer and is now a leading provider of take-back systems. The provider of the Green Dot is "DSD - Duales System Holding GmbH & Co. KG".

The green dot

The website has become an important sales tool for Green Dot in recent years. Started in 1990 with a monopoly, there are currently around ten providers across Germany in the dual system, i.e. for the separate collection of used sales packaging. At the beginning, the website was therefore primarily aimed at end users, journalists and the many other stakeholder groups who were able to find out more about the Green Dot system on the website. As the competition emerged, the focus of the website also changed. Manufacturers and retailers of products with packaging should be convinced to use the Green Dot system as a take-back system.

The Aacheners Digital agency giftGRÜN has in one Website soft relaunch the website redesigned in the corporate design of the Green Dot. The soft relaunch focused on three points, which were implemented in an agile process:

  • The presentation of the services offered by the Green Dot should be more in focus. Manufacturers and dealers who visit the website should find the information they want about the Green Dot directly.
  • Another focus was on the mobile-first approach, as the number of accesses from mobile devices has increased significantly in recent years. "The proportion is over 50 percent and is still increasing," says Norbert Völl, press spokesman for Green Dot.
  • The third point was updating the content management system TYPO3, which now enables maximum security and performance in the latest state. It is now also possible to carry out further developments to expand the website in the future.

The website is an important sales tool for the Grüner Punkt and shows their services graphically and in terms of content. These services have been structured in a mega menu so that the information you need is easy to find. The services include, for example, packaging licensing, which enables manufacturers and retailers to easily and conveniently participate in sales packaging in the dual system, the core business of the Green Dot. The business with recycled plastics of the Systalen® brand, which the Green Dot manufactures in its own plants from the waste collected in the yellow sack, is also becoming increasingly important. The website provides all information on the production and use of recyclates, including many product examples and reference stories, in a clear and graphically appealing manner.

The Green Dot had advertised the soft relaunch. The digital agency giftGRÜN was able to convince as a "flexible and powerful agency that knows its way around the B2B market", Völl mentions one criterion when choosing an agency. The result is impressive because "giftGRÜN implemented the website quickly and efficiently in a lively, modern design ”.

"giftGRÜN provided us with a TYPO3 backend which we can use to achieve a lot with simple means and do a lot ourselves - that was an important requirement for us ”.

- Norbert Völl, press spokesman at DSD - Duales System Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Norbert Voll

Key facts

Mobile first

The website was created using the mobile first approach: the optimization of mobile devices was the focus of design, usability and performance.


TYPO3 is used here as a content management system

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