Book and bill seminars across Europe via the GRÜN VEWA family

Since the introduction of GRÜN VEWA managed more than 50.000 participants and over 600 lectures and seminars: Robert Betz Transformations GmbH, based in Munich, coordinates its seminars by the best-selling author GRÜN.

Requirements for software with significant growth

Until 2012 the Robert Betz Transformations GmbH neither software nor administrative staff, as the up to now, compared to today, small number of seminars and lectures could be coordinated via external agencies and additional Excel lists. Around 50 events were held annually at this time. With increasing success, however, that was no longer enough. Instead of 50 seminars, over 250 events are now held every year. Due to the rapid growth, professional management software had to be introduced as quickly as possible. After a visit to CeBIT, it was decided to use the GRÜN VEWA family.

Agile implementation of a highly complex data structure

The starting signal for the installation of GRÜN VEWA took place in April 2012. As the productive switch should be carried out as quickly as possible, it was decided to implement an agile project.
The first hurdle that had to be overcome in the implementation of the software was the process definition within Robert Betz Transformations GmbH. Participants, hotels, flights, different tax rates or hotel allotments are just some of the data that have to be recorded and processed. Even with 50 events a real challenge for Excel lists. Today, with over 600 events annually and over 50.000 participants, that would be simply unthinkable. For GRÜN VEWA, however, can be handled without any problems, in combination with the internet bookings in GRÜN eVEWA the right software for handling Robert Betz's seminars.
Together with consulting from GRÜN Software AG, workflows were first defined and the integration of the software started at the same time. It took less than six months to go live, as there were always 2-3 technicians and project managers GRÜN Software AG were on site in Munich.

Event workflow with GRÜN VEWA and GRÜN eVEWA

The seminars can be booked via GRÜN VEWA in the office as well as over GRÜN eVEWA on the Internet, which was seamlessly embedded in the company's website. All participants are booked and provided with high usability for the user in terms of the logical but complex and extensive workflows in terms of content. Participants book one or more events in the form of a training series at Robert Betz Transformations GmbH, which are summarized in one invoice via VEWA. This in itself is nothing special, but several special features must be taken into account:

  • For all seminars, contingents are booked for the participants, e.g. for flights and hotel rooms. New registrations will be in GRÜN VEWA recorded and assigned the participants. The booking data is sent electronically from VEWA to the travel agency, enriched there with data such as flight numbers and sent back to Robert Betz Transformations GmbH. The entire process is IT controlled.
  • In the event of contingent bottlenecks, the organizers will be informed in good time in order to be able to increase the number of rooms or flights.
  • The confirmation of registration is composed dynamically from modules that are integrated into the invoice depending on the type of seminar, price and type of participation. Each document (confirmation of registration, booking details, invoice, etc.) has its own watermark.
  • In a second broadcast, the flight ticket and the final travel information for the participants are generated directly from VEWA for seminars abroad. Any documents can be added to the invoice, such as a schedule or a map of how to get to the venue.
  • Many Robert Betz Transformations GmbH events take place in Greece. Participants who want to go on vacation there before or after the seminar can indicate this when booking. For example, the booked single room can be exchanged for a double room after the seminar.

Highly complex invoicing

Invoicing is extremely complex as the seminar services that are provided in Greece must be marked accordingly. 75% of the invoice is made in Germany and billed with 19% VAT. The remaining 25% are accounted for in Greece at their tax rate. If the participant now books a series of seminars consisting of several events in Germany and Greece including hotel and flight, correspondingly complex, itemized invoices are created completely automatically. Invoicing becomes even more complex when participants from abroad book seminars (reverse charge taxation). The dunning process is also complex and has been individualized. To everyone in GRÜN Event created by VEWA, individual dunning periods can be stored. In addition, participant-related changes can be saved for each seminar booking. Robert Betz Transformations GmbH organizes seminars across Europe. Without software that can map the necessary characteristics of the booking or invoice workflow, you quickly reach your limits. With GRÜN VEWA and GRÜN eVEWA, these limits can be exceeded.

"We use the software family for the planning, administration and implementation of around 5000 events GRÜN VEWA a. VEWA as a back office solution impresses with its high degree of configurability and has been individually adapted to our requirements. We use the online solution for the presentation of the event catalog as well as research and registration for events GRÜN eVEWA a. The latest web technologies ensure a modern appearance. "

- Josef Finkl

Josef Finkl, IT manager at Robert Betz Transformations GmbH
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