New online time recording GRÜN ZICOM Cloud as an entry-level solution

GRÜN ZICOM5, the time recording of the GRÜN Software AG offers with the new GRÜN ZICOM Cloud an online time recording as an entry-level solution for small and medium-sized companies with up to 50 employees.

Aachen, October 22.04.2016nd, XNUMX. GRÜN ZICOM5 offers with the new GRÜN ZICOM cloud an entry-level solution for time recording for small and medium-sized companies. As a web-based time recording, employees record their working times online via a web browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Mobile devices enable access to the GRÜN ZICOM Cloud from anywhere and at any time. In this way, employees can easily and conveniently record their working hours on the go or from home. The innovative one also stands for smartphones GRÜN ZICOM app available that enables fully automatic time recording using the geofencing function of today's smartphones. The system automatically logs out or in, depending on the user's movement profile. Thanks to the app, the manual booking of working times becomes obsolete.

In addition to working hours, the GRÜN ZICOM Cloud online applications for vacation and time compensation can be made and managed. All applications are automatically forwarded to the manager for approval. The employee can view the status of the applications at any time.

The GRÜN ZICOM Cloud adapts flexibly to the working time models of your company. Important information such as the weekly target hours and working days can be stored individually for each employee. In addition, various evaluation options, such as overviews of the daily and monthly bookings, are available.

The new GRÜN ZICOM Cloud is the ideal entry-level solution for small and medium-sized companies in the professional ZICOM world. The cloud grows with the company, as only the number of active employees who use online time recording is billed. In addition to the one-time setup fee of 200 euros, there are monthly costs for each employee of 5 euros per month.

The data of the employees are stored on servers in Germany in compliance with data protection regulations and are only transmitted via a secure SSL connection.

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