Oliver Grün again represents European IT SMEs

Aachen / Brussels, November 04th 2021. On October 27, 2021 Dr. Oliver Grün, Managing director of GRÜN Software Group, again to the President of European DIGITAL SME Alliance chosen. The DIGITAL SME is the European umbrella association of medium-sized IT companies and represents 45.000 IT companies from all over Europe. The alliance brings together 30 national and regional IT associations from the EU and countries close to the EU. For German medium-sized IT companies, the Federal Association IT-Mittelstand eV (BITMi) has been a member of DIGITAL SME for many years.

Oliver Grün was elected at the DIGITAL SME general meeting. Together with the other board members, he continues to advocate the interests of the medium-sized digital economy and makes it heard at the European level. The focus topic for DIGITAL SME is strengthening digital sovereignty. Grün explains: “Digital sovereignty is not just the ability to use digital products in a self-determined manner. It's about actively shaping digitization: we need our own European intellectual property and our own products. It is not just about key technologies, but about a larger sector, such as B2B, which is the backbone of our prosperity in Europe. Here we have to shape our digital sovereignty ourselves. "

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