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Kephas Foundation relies on solutions from GRÜN-Group

The Kephas Foundation broadcasts masses and church services in German. When it comes to fundraising, the Kephas Foundation relies on solutions from GRÜN Software Group: Website relaunch of the foundation based on WordPress, online donation form, donation management, business process outsourcing.

K TV is a Catholic television station operated by the Kephas Foundationwho has been broadcasting masses and church services in German since 1999. The trade fairs are broadcast on television and can be followed worldwide via a live stream.

The channel K-TV is ad-free and financed exclusively through Donate. Most of the donations are generated through classic fundraising measures, such as the inclusion of transfer forms in the monthly program magazines. One channel that is becoming increasingly important for K-TV is the Internet. The masses and services can be viewed online here. Online donations can also be made here directly.

With the relaunch of the website, the seamless integration of the online donation forms but also in the person and donation management, the Kephas Foundation on solutions of the GRÜN Software Group.

giftGRÜN builds new website for K-TV

The new internet presence of K-TV is the digital presence of the Kephas Foundation on the internet. The reason for the relaunch was the new corporate design of the non-profit company, which was to be followed by a modern online presence with optimized online fundraising. The basis of the new website is the content management system WordPress. In addition to a modern design, the structure has also been revised and some new features have been integrated into the website.

Further features at K-TV are:

  • Integration of the TV program that is created using the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and is then displayed online on K-TV
  • A live ticker that shows the current program live with the most important information
  • Website visitors can watch the program directly via an integrated live stream
  • An interactive map showing the transmission locations
  • An optimized search for quickly finding Holy Masses

Online donation form from GRÜN spendino

These have been seamlessly integrated into the new website new Online donation form GRÜN spendino, that the Kephas Foundation uses its own website to collect online donations.

Online donations are currently not the most important channel in fundraising. The main donation channel is the classic transfer form, which is attached to the broadcaster's monthly program booklet and sent to viewers by post. But older generations are also becoming more online savvy and are switching to digital media. The Kephas Foundation is preparing with the online donation form from GRÜN spendino for the next generation of donations and it pays off: “Our target audience is 70 plus and these viewers are currently not using the online donation channel as their primary donation channel. But the importance of online fundraising is growing, of course, which we can also see in recent developments, ”explain the two managing directors Patrick Gruhn and Dr. Johannes Hattler of the Catholic broadcaster K-TV. "We also have to think about the next generation and we also know that more and more donors will use the online offer."

The online donation forms have been specifically integrated into the website. In addition to a general donation, there are other ways to help or donate. For example, the website offers information about donations for events, wills and corporate donations.

Donation management with GRÜN VEWA

About getting started with GRÜN spendino, the Kephas Foundation also opted for the market leading Donation management GRÜN VEWA to manage donations and donor data.

At the beginning of each month, the current programs are sent by the Kephas Foundation, including a transfer form, to viewers whose address details are already stored in VEWA for the dispatch of the programs. Anyone who registers for the program booklet in the current month would not receive the program until the beginning of the next month. This is where the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) of GRÜN Software Group: New address data are received from the GRÜN-Employees in VEWA's address management system. The current program will then be sent directly to the newly created address. In the following month, this new address is then automatically part of the monthly shipping campaign.

VEWA is also used to manage donations. The business process outsourcing of GRÜN manages the donors and enters all changes made by the donors in VEWA. The thanks and donation receipts are also prepared. The thanks are printed out, signed and sent by the employees of the Kephas Foundation. The annual receipt of the donation confirmations is sent via an external lettershop service provider, the individual donations are made via the BPO of GRÜN sent.

Fundraising measures with GRÜN alpha

The 360-degree fundraising is rounded off by ours Fundraising agency GRÜN alpha. This supported the Kephas Foundation, for example, with the activation and optimization of Google Ads campaigns or with a Facebook campaign to expand the online presence. The campaigns were successful and K-TV is planning further fundraising measures


"GRÜN supports us in digitizing fundraising, which is becoming increasingly important in our target group. "

- Dr. Johannes Hattler, managing director of the Kephas Foundation non-profit GmbH

dr John Hattler
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