Computer science at schools in NRW: GRÜN supports petition

Aachen, October 16.05.2019nd, XNUMX. Digital education in North Rhine-Westphalia must be strengthened and computer science integrated as a school subject in lower secondary level. The demand Federal Association IT-Mittelstand eV, the Society for Computer Science eV., eco - Association of the Internet Industry eV, Federal Association of Artificial Intelligence eV, Advisory Board for Young Digital Economy in the BMWI, MINT future e. V. and the Federal Association of German Startups eV in a letter to that Ministry for Schools and Education in North Rhine-Westphalia. To reinforce the importance of the claim, an online petition was made available at brought into being by the Aachener GRÜN Software AG happy to support.

Physics, chemistry and biology are the natural sciences that are taught as compulsory subjects in schools. Computer science, however, should also be one of the compulsory subjects, as IT is becoming increasingly important in everyday life. Nowadays, more and more everyday devices are connected to one another via the Internet, store data in a cloud and enable new functions. Computers, smartphones and tablets have long been part of everyday life. Cars, televisions, refrigerators and other household appliances have long been networked with one another via the Internet. The generation of digital natives has long been here, but not everyone knows how the internet and these technical devices basically work.

Other (federal) states are way ahead of us in this regard: In the USA, the home country of Google, Facebook, Apple and Co., computer science is already an integral part of school education. In Germany, however, it is only a compulsory subject in a few federal states. In Bavaria, Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, for example, computer science has been a compulsory subject for some grades since 2013. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia does not consider the introduction of a compulsory subject in computer science to be necessary.

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