homeDX digitizes the concept of COVID-19 test centers

Aachen digital agency giftGRÜN develops the telemedicine app homeDX together through a joint venture with the Netzwerk Diagnostik Berlin-Brandenburg eV. Certification of COVID-19 self-tests after video assessment by experts. Successful start of pilot project in Berlin.

Aachen, October 24.06.2021nd, XNUMX. giftGRÜN, the digital agency of Aachen GRÜN Software Group, has developed the telemedicine app homeDX together with the Netzwerkdiagnose Berlin-Brandenburg eV via a joint venture. The aim of the homeDX app is to digitize the concept of time-consuming visits to COVID-19 test centers.

COVID19 certificates with a current, negative test result are currently required for many public visits such as restaurants, museums or other public institutions. Thanks to the homeDX app, such certificates can be issued online.

“Thousands of COVID-19 tests are carried out in Germany every day - with a high expenditure of time for the population. With homeDX we want to make testing more convenient, more reliable and also cheaper for taxpayers. With reliable diagnostic results, the application helps you to return to normal life more quickly, ”says Dr. Robert Lange, Head of Diagnostics Berlin-Brandenburg.

The way to the certificate via the homeDX app requires a standard quick test, a smartphone and your own ID. After registering with homeDX, the execution of the self-test is recorded with your own smartphone. The video is uploaded via the app and checked by medical experts. To ensure the informative value of the COVID-19 rapid test, medical experts evaluate the self-test based on various criteria. Only certified COVID-19 test kits may be used for the rapid test. The number of drops that get onto the test cassette is checked as well as the necessary waiting time of 15 minutes before the test data is transmitted. If successful, the test person is issued a digital certificate via homeDX. The content of the digital certificate corresponds to a test certificate from stationary COVID-19 test centers, but also contains one BearCODE. The BärCODE works like the well-known QR code, but is digitally signed and therefore forgery-proof. The BärCODE was developed by the Center for Digital Health at the Berlin Institute for Health Research and the Charité Berlin.

Under the patronage of the Berlin-Mitte district and the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a pilot project will be carried out in Berlin until the end of August 2021. All citizens of Berlin have the opportunity to carry out a free COVID-19 rapid test via homeDX and, if the result is negative on a daily basis, to eat out in selected restaurants or to visit selected cultural events. A scientific evaluation takes place after the data collection. After completion, homeDX should be available as a native app in the Apple and Google app stores. The homeDX app is to be further expanded: In future, presence in restaurants, bars or at events will be anonymously documented in homeDX via the connection to the luca app (luca-app.de). Furthermore, the initiators of homeDX are striving for approval as a digital test center - at significantly lower costs than stationary test centers.

The homeDX app was created in a joint venture between the digital agency giftGRÜN and the Network Diagnostics Berlin-Brandenburg eV created. “In this digitization project, the best of two worlds was combined: the industry expertise of our customers and the IT expertise and creativity of our digital agency giftGRÜN“Says Dr. Oliver Grün, CEO of GRÜN Software Group. HomeDX serves as an initial project for further goals: “With homeDX we are on the way to a digital health application in the field of in-vitro diagnostics. We are already preparing a large number of other possible applications and have already received inquiries from abroad, ”adds Patrick Heinker, Managing Director of giftGRÜN GmbH.

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