Helping hands rely on the online fundraising tools from GRÜN spendino

Helping hands has been caring for people with severe multiple disabilities for more than 50 years. Online donations have been made using the online donation form from GRÜN spendino collected - with considerable success. There is also an initial, very positive conclusion on the occasion donations as part of the fundraising activities of GRÜN spendino. Further fundraising activities are carried out together with the fundraising agency GRÜN alpha realized.

The non-profit association Helping Hands promotes, integrates and looks after people with severe multiple disabilities. In facilities such as the special needs school and day care center for special needs education, short-term living, the dormitory and the support center, children, adolescents and adults are accompanied in their various life situations and their relatives are advised and supported. The association is dependent on donations to implement the comprehensive funding program and to build a new funding center.

Some of the donations are generated online via the company's own website. The Helping Hands have been relying on this since the end of last year Online donation form from GRÜN spendino. And with success: “With the new online donation form from GRÜN spendino, we were now able to offer our donors payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal. As a result, the number of online donations has increased enormously, ”reports Lisa Wolff, Head of Fundraising, Press and Public Relations at Helfende Dinge.

Above-average online donations from the Helping Hands

The Helping Hands emerged in 1969 from a parents' initiative that still forms the core of the non-profit association to this day. The personal connection of many sponsors and donors to the topic of "severe multiple disabilities" is still noticeable today and is also reflected in the donations: Because the special thing about the Helping Hands is that the average amount of online donations is well above the average for general Online donation lies. “We are very grateful for our loyal group of donors who support us again and again. Our donors identify strongly with our topic and often have a personal connection, ”says Wolff, giving one reason for the high donation sums. Another reason for this is the establishment of an intensive donor relationship: Donors and interested parties are regularly invited to get to know the helping hands and their commitment during individual visits or as part of events. However, Corona made this impossible last year, so the decision was quickly made to expand the online donation channels.

Event donations over GRÜN spendino

In addition to the classic online donation form, the helping hands use another fundraising tool from GRÜN spendino: the Event donations.

The Helping Hands made use of this function as part of a corporate partnership: every year a company calls on its own employees to donate for the Helping Hands as part of the Christmas party. However, the last celebration had to be canceled due to the corona. However, the donations could still be received: Via the event donation function in GRÜN spendino, the company set up its own donation campaign and sent the link to all employees with a corresponding request for donations. Even the first assignment was a complete success: “That was an extraordinarily high level of support from the employees that took place there. There was a fixed target amount for the donation campaign, but it was exceeded by almost 2,5 times, ”Lisa Wolff proudly reveals.

The event donations are part of the online fundraising tools from GRÜN spendino, where you can easily and conveniently set up your own donation campaign directly online via the association's website. All you have to do is enter a name of the fundraising campaign, a brief description and a donation goal. The link for the campaign can then be sent to the target group, for example by email or via social media.

Fundraising agency GRÜN alpha supports helping hands

The latest project of the helping hands is the new building of their support center, which combines school, curative educational day care and therapy under one roof. GRÜN alpha, which Fundraising agency of the company GRÜN Software Group, already supported the helping hands with a large donation mailing, the implementation of Google Ad Grants and other advertising measures as part of the new building project. “We thought about the areas in which we have to position ourselves differently and more actively this year and also in the longer term. We would like to use the new building project to further professionalize our fundraising in general and in the long term, ”reports Lisa Wolff.

GRÜN will continue to support the helping hands in expanding their fundraising activities and is looking forward to further cooperation.

"Via the online donation forms from GRÜN spendino, we were able to enormously increase our earnings from online donations. "

- Lisa Wolff, Head of Fundraising, Press and Public Relations

Lisa Wolff, Head of Fundraising, Press and Public Relations at the Helping Hands.

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