GRÜN VEWA7 certification as part of the service offensive

Aachen, October 13.12.2017nd, XNUMX. GRÜN VEWA7, the flagship of GRÜN Software AG, was assessed as part of an assessment and certification by an independent, sworn expert for organization and IT applications. Divided into branch functions for member, donation and seminar management, the branch software met the requirements and suitability to the highest degree and was given an overall grade of 1,47. The new certification of GRÜN VEWA7 was carried out as part of the service offensive that was launched. In a further step, additional certifications are checked.

As a further measure of the service offensive, Aja Verbaarschot was able to be won over as a new CRM manager, who will be active as the project manager of a customer care team in customer relationship management and will be available to all customers as a further contact in addition to the project managers after an intensive training.

In addition, as part of the service offensive, a new service product for all customers of the GRÜN Software AG introduced. The service certificate also guarantees support for all individual facilities via the software maintenance contract and also supports our customers' compliance requirements.

As part of the service offensive, a new customer platform is planned for 2018, which will become the central point of contact for all customers. We will keep all customers up to date on this and other details of the service offensive.

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