GRÜN VEWA manages 5.000 events for 44.000 teachers at 1.600 schools

The State Education Institute Rhineland-Palatinate sets the GRÜN VEWA software family for the planning, administration and implementation of 44.000 training measures. Via the back office solution GRÜN VEWA all events are created and managed. Via the connected internet software GRÜN eVEWA events can be booked online.

Via the Pedagogical State Institute Rhineland-Palatinate

The State Pedagogical Institute As a central service provider, (PL) offers a comprehensive and well-networked range of advanced training courses and IT services for schools and teachers in Rhineland-Palatinate. Here the PL cooperates with the Institute for teacher training (ILF) and the Educational advanced and advanced training institute of the Evangelical Churches in Rhineland-Palatinate (EFWI) as well as study seminars, teacher training centers, universities, the school inspectorate and other authorities. The PL, which is based in Speyer and has its main locations in Bad Kreuznach and Koblenz, also includes the center for school management and personnel management as well as other regional locations, including 14 school psychological counseling centers.

starting position

The National Pedagogical Institute and the two cooperation partners ILF and EFWI publish training and further education offers on the Internet. Teachers who would like to take part in these advanced training courses can register for the event they have selected online via the advanced training portal. The PL also used software for the planning, administration, accounting and evaluation of all training measures, including cameral budget management, cost-performance accounting and the administration of inventories and publications. For financial and technical reasons, it was decided to replace the old software and procure modern event software. The PL has tendered software in a Europe-wide award procedure. The bid has the GRÜN Software AG with the software family GRÜN VEWA obtained.

event management GRÜN VEWA

The use of GRÜN Since then, VEWA has encompassed the complete planning, administration, organization, implementation and evaluation of over 5.000 annual events at PL and its clients, which are managed by around 200 speakers and administrative employees of the PL at 18 locations.

As part of the event planning, the planning speakers thanked GRÜN VEWA now has the option of digitally recording and maintaining data on events. In addition to information on the event, dates, lecturers, event locations and resources as well as event costs are planned and managed via VEWA. The events are carried out in the PL by a central event management. Performs and supports in the course of event management GRÜN VEWA handles the correspondence, the conference venue management and the follow-up to the events.

Another core element of VEWA is master data management. For the planning and implementation of the event, the PL needs the personal master data of the approx. 44.000 teachers in the state and the lecturers involved. In addition, the addresses of all institutions involved in the process are administered. In addition to the approx. 1.600 schools in Rhineland-Palatinate, this also includes study seminars, day-care centers and other facilities. VEWA offers the possibility to model relationships between the address data records. For example, the affiliation of a teacher to his school can be managed at any time.

Colleagues with different responsibilities are involved in the planning of the events within the PL. This can be mapped in VEWA with a corresponding role and authorization concept. Every event is assigned to a budget. The approval and release of the events can only be given by the relevant budget officer.

Relaunch of online training

The new website Online training based on GRÜN eVEWA3, the internet software of GRÜN Software AG. All events created in VEWA's back office are published in the online catalog.

The participants can conveniently research, register and register for events, thanks to the latest technology, of course, on the go using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Overall, this results in a significantly improved user-friendliness. In addition to the basic functionalities, registered participants will find a personal area in which they have an overview of their reserved, planned and attended events. Correspondence with the PL is also documented in this personal area, and certificates of attendance and certificates as well as materials for the respective events are stored.

Optimizations by VEWA

With the introduction of GRÜN VEWA as a back office solution, some processes in the PL could be optimized. The PL is now in a position to handle all correspondence with those involved in the process digitally. All correspondence is documented and archived in VEWA.

VEWA also offers a large number of evaluation options "at the push of a button", which are available to all users on an ad hoc basis. In addition, VEWA allows a very high degree of configurability, so that the software can be adapted to a large extent to the individual requirements of the PL.

Administration can be done almost entirely via the user interface. Assuming the appropriate know-how, the adaptation of processes can also be implemented independently in VEWA. Master data management is very convenient. Duplicate checking and cleaning tools ensure the high quality of the address records. The front end based on eVEWA3 has significantly improved user-friendliness and research functionality. By mapping all back office and internet processes from a single source, there is still further potential for optimization.

"We use the software family for the planning, administration and implementation of around 5000 events GRÜN VEWA a. VEWA as a back office solution impresses with its high degree of configurability and has been individually adapted to our requirements. We use the online solution for the presentation of the event catalog as well as research and registration for events GRÜN eVEWA a. The latest web technologies ensure a modern appearance. "

- Stephan Keßler

Stephan Keßler, IT department head at the State Pedagogical Institute of Rhineland-Palatinate
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