Sports sponsorship of GRÜN Sailing teams extended

Aachen, October 14.11.2018nd, XNUMX. The GRÜN Software AG extends their sports sponsorship and will continue to do so in 2019 GRÜN Sailing team support as main sponsor. That starts it GRÜN Sailing team already in the seventh season.

2018 looks for the GRÜN Sailing Team an eventful and successful year. Traditionally, the sailing season began with the first event on the Mediterranean at Primo Cuporganized by the Monaco Yacht Club. At the start in Germany, the sailing team was then with the J / 70 on the well-known body of water, the Berlin Wannsee. In the end of 12 races, 9th place was achieved. At the next sailing competition, the Kiel MayOR, on the one hand a loss and change of the helmsman had to be compensated and on the other hand the unpopular 4th place with equal points on the podium had to be accepted. Still, this was a great success in adverse conditions for the GRÜN Sailing team. Immediately afterwards, the followed again in Berlin Wannsee week, where the unloved 4th place was achieved again. With the Kiel Week Then it went again to the fjord in front of Schilksee. The team expected the largest field of J / 70 participants to date at a Kiel Week with 45 starters.

The season planning of the GRÜN Sailing Teams planned a series of championships in southern climes in 2018. In addition, the crew is gifted for the Italian championship on Lake Garda, where the European championship will also take place in 2019. There were a total of 74 ships at the start. Everything that had rank and name from the Italian professional scene was there. Officially were with the GRÜN Sailing Team also has 30 other amateur crews in the field. From Italy it then went to the Confederates, where the Swiss championship took place in Brunnen from August 24th to 26th, 2018.

That was the final climax of the regattas in the south GRÜN Sailing Team at the International German Championship on Lake Constance, which took place from Württemberg yacht club was aligned. After the dry summer, Lake Constance clearly showed its reason and lived up to its name. The sailing team only came into port unscathed with plenty of heeling. Only 4 races, all on the first day of the regatta, could be brought over the track. The GRÜN Sailing Team was able to bring a very constant series of 52-70-13-14 under the tons in the field of 12 J / 11 and occupy a very good ranking position with the 8th place in the tableau.

The 2018 season ended with a 6th place at Berlin yacht club rounded off what's in the All-German ranking led to an outstanding 17th place out of 169 listed teams.

The new season starts in February 2019. Then that takes GRÜN Sailing team participated in the European Championship in Malcesine, Italy. In addition, the sailing team will take part in events on the Mediterranean, Lake Garda and Lake Constance.

We wish that GRÜN Sailing Team continued success for 2019.

Photo: Sören Eze

Photo: Zerogradinord

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