GRÜN supports the model project BOB-3

Aachen, October 18.11.2016nd, XNUMX. The GRÜN Software AG supports that zdi network Aachen in the implementation of the Model project BOB-3. The aim of the project is to get young people from the Aachen region excited about technology, electronics and programming.

With the construction of a small robot, the young people are introduced to interesting topics from the fields of science and technology in a motivating way. In the subsequent interactive programming course, the pupils get to know interesting content from the fields of mathematics and computer science. The aim of the model project BOB-3 is to motivate young people from the lower and middle grades to have an increased interest in the MINT-Topic areas (mathematics, computer science, science and technology).

Already in the development phase, the new concept was tested on a small scale at various Aachen zdi partner schools with pupils from 5th to 9th grade. The GRÜN Software AG supports the project, so that the concept can now be implemented for the first time with five model schools in Aachen and the surrounding area. The aim of the project is in the period December 2016 up to May 2017 to carry out a model project which, based on previous experience, can be easily integrated into everyday school life. To facilitate participation, the schools will be equipped with the necessary technical equipment.

The GRÜN Software AG is enthusiastic about the model project and is happy to support the zdi network financially.

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