GRÜN Software Group supports the Pulse of Europe initiative

On the occasion of the upcoming European elections, the GRÜN Software Group GmbH party-politically independent initiative Pulse of Europe with a donation of several thousand euros. Pulse of Europe advocates for a united, democratic and peaceful Europe. The GRÜN Software Group is committed to opposing extremism, intolerance and isolation and is committed to social cohesion in the European Union.

The support of GRÜN will be used in particular to ensure that the music video “Friends will be Friends”, which was produced in support of European unity, receives good media coverage, especially in the last, important days before the election.

“A united Europe is the foundation of our economic success, especially in Germany,” emphasizes Oliver Grün, PhD., CEO of GRÜN Software Group. “The rise of nationalist movements in the EU would not only endanger social cohesion and the recruitment of foreign IT specialists, but also our prosperity.” At a time when we are faced with challenges such as climate change, pandemics, wars, migration and a shortage of skilled workers and inflation, good news seems rare. Instead, frustration grows as politicians struggle to find solutions and often make little progress. But our response to this should not be to look the other way or to isolate ourselves. Faced with these enormous challenges, we need to work together more than ever, even if this is sometimes arduous and time-consuming. The strength and cohesion of European countries is now more important than ever. “Our support for the distribution of the music video is based on the positive view of emotionally emphasizing and defending the significant benefits achieved by cohesion in Europe,” adds Grün.

If we now give the field to nationalist forces, we are depriving ourselves of the best chance we have: a common, strong Europe that stands up for our fundamental values ​​and secures our future. As a European company, the GRÜN Software Group We therefore call on all voters to take their responsibility for our common future seriously.

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