GRÜN Software AG donates to a hospital in Ghana

Aachen, October 07.01.2015nd, XNUMX. The non-profit association Ntotroso eV from the Aachen area acts independently and directly as a small aid organization on site in African Ghana. Among other things, Ntotroso supports a small town in western Ghana called Krakyekrom. The place is a central point for half a dozen smaller settlements. Almost 4.000 people live in Krakyekrom and around the hospital.

A few years ago the district administration built a rural clinic for central medical care in the catchment area. However, this clinic is not yet in operation because there is no water and energy supply, without which operation is impossible. Medical care is currently only available in Gambia No. 3 can be made.

5.000 euros to Ntotroso eV

The GRÜN Software AG donates around 5.000 euros to Ntotroso eV so that this clinic can be equipped with a solar system with which the lighting, a water pump and a refrigerator for vaccines can be operated. There is also the construction of a well. Long-term personal contacts exist with Ntotroso eV, so that a sustainable use of the donation was verified

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