GRÜN Software AG on the BIBB Advisory Board to review the modernization of IT professions

Aachen, October 12.11.2015nd, XNUMX. Bernhard Schmitz, Head of Development at GRÜN Software AG, was dated Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB) appointed to the advisory board of the project to review the modernization of IT professions.

The from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is examining the modernization of the four dual IT professions IT specialist, IT system electronics technician, IT systems clerk as well as IT-clerk. The project is supported by an advisory board made up of representatives from professional associations, companies, ministries, vocational schools and science, including Bernhard Schmitz from der GRÜN Software Inc.

"The digitization of the world of work will increase the importance of IT professions, but also the importance of IT skills in other professions," emphasizes BIBB President Friedrich Hubert Esser. “Economy 4.0 will change production along the entire value chain. This will result in changed tasks and new qualification requirements for many employees in the IT professions. ”It can be assumed that in the future, skills in the overlapping areas of IT, business administration, communication and media design will continue to gain in importance.

In the BIBB project, proposals are being developed for updating occupational profiles, the structure of occupations, future examination design and the interfaces between training, advanced training and higher education.

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