The optimization of your own process landscape

Aachen, October 22.03.2018nd, XNUMX. Nothing is as constant as change. This also applies to the process landscape in organizations and companies. The growing importance of digitization but also current topics such as the new one General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) require constant change and, with it, an internal one continuous improvement process (CIP). We at the GRÜN Software AG therefore put our processes to the test every day. But our customers also have to continuously question and optimize their processes in a CIP. Only together is it possible for us to respond to the requirements and needs of our customers and to integrate them into our various software solutions.

Plan - Do - Check - Act: The cycle in the CIP

The continuous improvement process is an integral part of a quality management system that always focuses on the customer. Internal processes have to be questioned again and again and changed if necessary. The basis of the CIP is the "Plan-Do-Check-Act improvement cycle". This cycle begins with recognizing and accepting a problem. For this problem, a measure is developed in the plan phase, which is implemented in the do phase. In the check phase, the effects of the planned measures are checked. The act phase is used to reflect the previous phases. This cycle must be lived continuously and actively so that optimizations can be planned, implemented and checked. And not only with the GRÜN Software AG internally, but also with our customers, who are in direct contact with their own customers, i.e. the members, Donors or Seminar participants, stand. Our ideas in CIP are also based on the experiences and needs of our customers.

Changed processes in organizations and companies are often reflected in the workflows of the software used. For this reason, the software solutions of the GRÜN Software AG evolves every day. A team of computer scientists works daily on the technical development of everyone GRÜN-Software solutions that are regularly made available in standard updates. Legally compliant adjustments, performance optimizations as well as new functions and optimizations are integrated into the complex ERP solutions.

So that our customers can work effectively with our solutions, the GRÜN Software AG Opportunities to benefit from the results of the continuous improvement process and thus to increase productivity in your own organization or in your own company. The GRÜN Software AG offers various contracts. There are additional expenses initially, but the return on investment is extremely high if the results from our own CIP are mapped in the software and our customers' employees can achieve their goals faster and without detours.

The software maintenance contract of GRÜN Software AG

Via the optional software maintenance contract, we provide customers with standard updates, i.e. the further developments of GRÜN-Software families, available free of charge. Information on the status updates can be found in our closed customer portal GRÜN inside can be viewed and tracked at any time. All further developments and bug fixes are listed in detail here. Customers who conclude the software maintenance contract can have the updates imported into their software system by our support team free of charge and are therefore always up to date with the latest software version.

In addition, our customers who sign the software maintenance contract have free and direct contact to our support team for questions about the standard model and the licensed additional modules.

The VEWA project shift maintenance certificate as a supplement to the software maintenance contract

As part of the 2017 Service offensive became the VEWA-Software maintenance contract extended to include a project shift maintenance certificate. This project shift maintenance certificate covers free support for customer-specific VEWA facilities and processes that have been individually developed for the customer as part of the software implementation.

We actively support our customers in the continuous improvement process via the project shift maintenance certificate. Because in addition to the support of the individual shift, we provide all customers with our expert know-how free of charge for one hour per month. We can support our customers in the first three phases of the CIP: via consulting in the planning phase, with our project teams in the do phase for process optimization or with our software testers in the check phase.

The advantage for customers: The maintenance of the overall system in terms of compliance requirements and a cost cap in the continuous improvement process. In addition to the project manager, Anja Verbaarschot, a new CRM manager, is also available to customers as a further contact person who is active as a team leader of a customer care team in customer relationship management.

The contingent contract

We also offer customers individual contingent contracts. These contracts contain any number of expert hours per month that can be used for the continuous improvement process at a discounted hourly rate. Our experts from development, setup, marketing, support, outsourcing or project management support our customers continuously in optimizing their own processes.

The contingent contracts can of course be adjusted at any time. Thanks to the short running times, for example, several days can be booked directly after the software goes live, which can be flexibly adapted to meet requirements.

New GRÜN Customer platform

The GRÜN Software AG becomes a new one as part of the service offensive GRÜN Provide customer platform. There we offer customers an innovation partnership so that, among other things, they can submit ideas and suggestions for improvement directly. All incoming suggestions are processed transparently so that feedback on the status or the time of implementation can be viewed at any time.

The launch of the new GRÜN Customer platform, which will contain many more functions and features, is planned for the end of 2018.

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