giftGRÜN relaunched the website of the world's oldest boys' choir

One of the world's oldest boys' choirs with a new, modern website: Aachener Digitalagentur giftGRÜN Relaunched the website of the Regensburger Domspatzen together with the partner agency Media21.TV. Automated answering of frequently asked questions about Clickflows. Increased user experience thanks to optimized content presentation. Extensive event calendar for schoolchildren, concert-goers and worshipers.

"Sing - Live - Learn" - for over 1.000 years they have combined Regensburg Cathedral Sparrows, which were founded in 975, as one of the oldest and most famous boys' choirs in the world, the joy of singing, the fun of learning and living in a unique atmosphere. Attached to a primary school, a grammar school and a boarding school, the choir offers a wide range of musical and educational opportunities, which promote the development of its members from an early age and prepare them as best as possible for later life. For the relaunch of its own website, which should appeal to new and young singers as well as parents as well as choir and church service visitors, the Aachener Digital agency giftGRÜN from the lead agency of Domspatzen, the Media21.TV instructed. Not the only project of this magnitude that the two partners are successfully putting together.

Challenge: One website for three different target groups

The challenge of the relaunch was initially in the optimized processing of information for the relevant target groups: schoolchildren, parents and attendees of the choir and church services. Pupils who want to learn to sing have a different need for information than parents who are looking for information on school offers or choir and church service visitors who want to find out about dates. While the old website was dominated by a flood of content in nested sub-pages, the new website stands out for its simple information structure for every target group. Thanks to the latest web technology, the new website has been optimized for the display of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Large pictures and quotes from singers round off the website in a sophisticated way both visually and in terms of content.

Personalized user experience thanks to Clickflows

To support the targeted preparation of information, an interactive click flow has been integrated, which enables the quick and easy answering of frequently asked questions. This Clickflow has been integrated prominently in the head of the website and leads the user, i.e. the singer or student, the parents and the concert or church service attendees to other sub-pages relating to the Regensburger Domspatzen. Specific information on dates and performances by the choir or information on how interested children can become a cathedral spar can be found easily and conveniently.

Extensive event calendar

An extensive event calendar has also been integrated on the Regenburger Domspatzen website. All events were integrated for the different target groups in such a way that the events for the church service, high school or concerts can be found quickly and easily.

Cooperation with Media21.TV

The website was implemented in cooperation with the Regensburg media agency Media21.TV. While Media21.TV is responsible for the creation of the new corporate design, the content preparation and production and as the primary contact for the Regensburger Domspatzen giftGRÜN the design and structure of the pages technically implemented and redesigned.

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