digitalHUB Aachen eV founded

Formal establishment of the digitalHUB Aachen association. Dr. Oliver Grün, CEO and board member of GRÜN Software AG elected CEO as co-initiator.

Aachen, June 26.07.2016, XNUMX. Last night the GRÜN Software AG with initiated association digitalHUB Aachen formally founded and the registration as eV in the association register initiated. With the initiators, fellow campaigners and first members of the association, a total of 23 founding members came to the headquarters of GRÜN Software AG to jointly master this first milestone for the implementation of the concept of a digitization center for Aachen. Among the founding members were next Dr. Oliver Grün, Board Member and CEO of GRÜN Software AG, high-ranking representatives of the initiators of the digitalHUB Aachen, such as Lord Mayor Marcel Philipp, City Councilor Helmut Etschenberg or IHK General Manager Michael F. Bayer, who are all personally designated members of the presidium of the new association.

Startups, medium-sized companies and industry with investment in digitization were also prominently represented by board members and managing directors of Tamyca, NetAachen, Landmarken, STAWAG, HAUGG Kühlerfabrik, EWV Energie- und Wasser -versorgung, DSA data and system technology, regioIT, Synaix, Bauer & Kirch, Dialego, Frings Steuerberatung, Steffens or ComConsult. Furthermore, the board members of Sparkasse Aachen and Aachener Bank were represented as founding members as representatives of important sponsors as well as RWTH Aachen and the FH Aachen.

Were elected to the board of the association Dr. Oliver Grün as chairman and RWTH prorector Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel and IHK general manager Michael F. Bayer as deputy chairmen. “I'm looking forward to the task of being able to initiate the next steps with the digitalHUB Aachen. We will now accept all other members and are aiming for another general meeting with the expected almost 100 members, including an opening ceremony in the fourth quarter. All of this presupposes that we now concentrate on promptly meeting the requirements of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, ”said Grün.

The presidium of the association, with policy competence also towards the board, will be composed of other representatives in addition to the board and the above-mentioned persons and should adequately represent all stakeholders of the digitization center Aachen. The presidium will be formed in the next few months.

Furthermore, Iris Wilhelmi was appointed managing director of the digitalHUB Aachen yesterday, who is now in charge of the operative business of the association: "I am pleased about my appointment as managing director and we are now full of energy in fulfilling the formal requirements of the project sponsor, ensuring the appropriate one Place in the city center of Aachen and the acceptance of all members ”. The managing director also emphasized that the establishment of the association, which was now scheduled at short notice, was also necessary in order to have the chance of starting the digitalHUB Aachen in 2016.

At the beginning of July, the initiators of the digitalHUB Aachen received funding approval from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for one of the six “Digital Economy North Rhine-Westphalia - Hubs”. According to the jury's verdict, the Aachen region presented “a concept that is convincing in every respect for the construction and operation of the hub”. The preparation of the application had "triggered an impressive bottom-up digitization movement in the region". In a crowdfunding campaign, more than 100 companies and organizations provided 1,5 million euros in their own funds. "A real best practice example of how modern business development works today," praised the jury in their recommendation.

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