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giftGRÜN, the digital agency of GRÜN Software Group offers comprehensive expertise in Introduction of AI systems for your company and organization. The use of AI can significantly increase efficiency and enable completely new products for your customers. We develop AI systems that are specifically trained with your sensitive internal data and set up secure infrastructures for this purpose. These systems can easily be operated in your intranet or extranet, independent of American cloud services.

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Tailor-made consulting to identify the best AI solutions for your needs. We analyze your business processes and help you develop meaningful use cases that increase your efficiency and open up new business opportunities.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Combining information retrieval and text generation to deliver powerful, context-aware AI models for complex use cases.

Interface programming

Development of customized interfaces for the seamless integration of your AI systems with existing software solutions.

Operation / GPU

Support in operating your AI infrastructure, including setting up and maintaining GPU-based systems.


Experienced developers integrate existing AI systems into your IT infrastructure, adapted to your specific requirements and data.

Data enrichment

Improve the performance of your AI models by collecting, cleaning and integrating additional data sources.


Optimize existing AI models by adjusting algorithms and parameters and training with your own data.

SmartAssist – your tailor-made AI assistant

Revolutionize your intranet with an adaptive, privacy-focused language model.

  • Own AI assistant: Fully integrated chatbot for your intranet.
  • Localized language model: Large language model specifically trained with your data.
  • Flexibility of technology: Based on the open source model Llama3, optionally extendable with OpenAI technologies.
  • Advanced authorization system: Multi-level access to corporate knowledge, centrally managed.
  • Intuitive admin interface: Visual backend for easy administration and maintenance.
  • Predefined prompt templates: Optimize interaction and increase efficiency.
  • Powerful data storage: Storage and use of large amounts of data in a vector database.

Use cases

For clubs and organisations

Development of knowledge databases and AI assistants that access your specific expertise and create novel information systems.

For publishers

Integration of book content into publishing chatbots to enable innovative subscription models.

For educational institutions:

Develop better training materials and offerings for your participants.


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