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Industry 4.0 - combined with German production know-how - offers great opportunities for our economy. Due to the flexible production, we can create customization for everyone at a reasonable price and can stand up to Asian mass production.

In a nutshell, industry 4.0 means: Everything gets smarter. Precise preplanning is now replaced by flexible, smarter production. While up to now exactly planned and programmed, which machine takes over which task in a production line, this advance planning is replaced by industry 4.0: Machines communicate directly with each other. For example, the product Auto knows what color it should receive - and can tell the painting machines. It no longer needs to be determined beforehand that a certain number of pieces should now be sprayed in one color. In addition, a single robot can respond to bottlenecks on the assembly line and integrate itself into the production chain and take over tasks without having previously been programmed precisely.

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