Bauherren-Schutzbund eV also optimizes its work workflow GRÜN VEWA

As a member administration, VEWA optimizes the work flow at the Bauherren-Schutzbund eV in Berlin. Complex structures within the association. Two online portals for different target groups within the structures.  

The Bauherren-Schutzbund eV

The Bauherren-Schutzbund eV is a non-profit consumer protection organization based in Berlin, founded in 1995. Independent building owner consultants and lawyers advise private builders, buyers and owners in structural engineering and building law matters for a new building, modernization or real estate purchase. Membership can be applied for by anyone who needs structural and legal support for their real estate project. A total of around 45.000 consumer advice sessions are carried out across Germany every year and more than 10.000 construction projects in old and new buildings are supported.

Announcement and workshop

In the last few years, the software requirements for the building owners' protection association have increased. A large number of functions and processes should be digitized and expanded. Therefore, the building owner protection association decided to tender the software project. At the end of the tender, the building owners' protection association decided in favor of the software solutions from GRÜN Software Group.

In workshops, a technical concept was first drawn up that describes the desired functions and processes. These functions and processes were examined in subsequent detailed workshops and checked for their feasibility in VEWA. From this it was possible to design the necessary individual facilities and adapt the software.

VEWA's member administration manages the complex structure of the association

The structure of the association at the Bauherren-Schutzbund is complex: Membership administration is a central component of VEWA's application. Daily new admissions of members, often with their partners, are processed in VEWA. Each member is assigned a regional client advisor and lawyer of trust.

The allocation of all persons involved and the membership fees are made via the Membership management GRÜN VEWA Managed in the back office by the employees of the building owner protection association. Membership applications are submitted online using the eVEWA admission workflow. It is important to map the relationships between the various groups of people, which in GRÜN VEWA can be represented via a complex relationship management with superordinate and subordinate relationships.

Within the association there are committees made up of various constellations of association members, client advisors, lawyers of trust or even experts. The assignment of committees is also managed via the membership administration in VEWA.

VEWA as seminar management

GRÜN VEWA also comes as a seminar management for use. Several times a year, for example, the Building Owner Protection Association invites you to public forums, general meetings or internal events. “Association and committee members are invited to different events or modules of an event. We were therefore faced with the challenge of being able to determine who is allowed to see which events or modules in the registration workflow when an event is set up, ”describes Gundula Krauss, deputy managing director at Bauherren-Schutzbund eV, the individual requirements in the registration workflow.

Membership portal for builders

On your own Website the Bauherren-Schutzbund has set up an online service for all members. About this Members portal developers can manage their own data, register for events or obtain additional offers or information on their construction project. The member portal was created by an external agency on the basis of TYPO3 and connected to VEWA via a web service.

Business portal for building contractors, lawyers and committees

The Business portal is a complex information and discussion platform for building owner consultants, lawyers of trust and committees and is based on the online member management GRÜN eVEWA. For example, internal training events of the building owner protection association that have been created in VEWA can be booked online via the business portal.

There are also groups and associated forums in the business portal. These groups and forums are part of the eCollaboration software GRÜN.SOCIAL2that work seamlessly in GRÜN eVEWA has been integrated. In this way, for example, the building contractor's advisors and lawyers can exchange their experiences in structural engineering and building law forums, discuss structural engineering aspects or clarify legal questions. Each committee also has its own group in the business portal. There are also general groups: “For example, there is a group BSB-Organization. There we provide our client advisors and lawyers with everything they need about the association, ”says Krauss.

"With GRÜN VEWA as a member administration, we can easily manage our complex club structures. "

- Gundula Krauss
Deputy management at the Bauherren-Schutzbund eV

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Gundula Krauss
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